The following are pre-recorded webinars in which our staff and partners talk to us about various issues, from stress relief to special education.

Transition Resources for Young Adults and Their Families

Special Needs Trusts, ABLE Accounts, and Other Planning Tips for Your Child

Special Education Referral Process and Testing

Emotional Dysregulation in Children: How Parents Can Help

Arkansas Autism Partnership

Response to Intervention for Parents and Families

About the Center for Exceptional Families

Children with Chronic Health Conditions Program

Understanding Dispute Resolution

Autism 101

Mediation Clinic for Families

Mediation Clinic for Professionals

Introduction to Positive Behavior Supports

Extended School Year Services

Understanding COVID in the Public Schools

The Intersection of Special Education and ALE (Alternative Learning Environment)

Powerpoint Presentation for The Intersection of Special Education and ALE

The Mystery of the Brain – How Sensory Stimulation Can Improve Behavior

Section 504 : Access Protected

Powerpoint Presentation for Section 504 : Access Protected

Bullying Prevention

COVID-19 Relief Series

Managing Stress

Play Strategies for Children with Disabilities and Supporting Older Children with Disabilities at Home

Managing Behavior and Discipline

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