State Personnel Development Grant

This grant helps develop literacy and behavior resources and tools that teachers can utilize to assist all students, especially students with disabilities.

Youth in Transition

The Center for Exceptional Families (TCFEF) is the Arkansas Parent Training and Information Center (PTI). We provide transition support, trainings and resources for youth and young adults ages 14-26.

Sensory Cinema

Enjoy a movie in a comfortable and accepting setting with dimmed lighting, comfortable temperature, and lowered volume. Wiggle worms welcome!

Parent Training and Information Centers

Parent training and information centers ensure that parents receive adequate training and information to improve educational results for their children.

AG for Autism Grant

TCFEF is grateful for the continued investment of Ag for Autism in the families served by our organization. The grant allows TCFEF to use technology and community engagement to educate and assist parents in preparing and participating in IEP meetings.

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