TCFEF Art Contest 2023

TCFEF creates 4 newsletters per year for teens and adults with disabilities, their families, school staff, and community members to help them transition to adulthood! In those newsletters is our mascot TATE (Teen Adult Transition Expert). TATE was drawn by a teen with Autism to discuss important vocabularly and ideas about what it means to live, work, and learn independently. But it’s time for a new TATE and we need your help!

We want to give our readers an opportunity to draw our next TATE who will be featured in 4 newsletters in 2024! The artist who is chosen will also receive a gift card! Read the requirements below and click the button when you’re ready to upload your art!

Artist RequirementsArt Requirements
Be a resident of ArkansasBe original art and have a white background
Be a teen or adult with a disabilityBe drawn on a digital art app/program and sent as a JPG
Be 14-26 years old and have parent permission if under 18Be sent with a paragraph about yourself and your plans/dreams/goals for your future
Sign a permission form for us to use your art for the newsletterBe sent with a paragraph about how your drawing represents TATE
Sign up for our newsletterBe submitted by December 8, 2023
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